At Christ Church CE Academy, our aim is to foster an enjoyment for learning, with parental support, in the home environment by:


  • practising, consolidating and reinforcing key skills on a regular basis.  These are referred to as ‘non-negotiables’ and include learning times tables, spellings and daily reading activities.
  • engaging parents in themed activities which support their child’s learning and development in school.
  • stretching and challenging pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve high standards in developing independent learning and study.

Homework tasks may include:

  • Reading with a parent/carer.
  • Learning letter sounds/blends.
  • Practising letter formation.
  • Learning to read and spell high frequency words.
  • Practising and revising basic skills (spellings, number bonds, multiplication tables).  This may include ‘fun’ activities and taking home games to play with a parent/carer.
  • Research for particular topics, finding out something.
  • Learning parts or words for songs in preparation for special assemblies or productions.
  • Learning a musical instrument.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Pupils may be given additional tasks if they are part of a specialised intervention programme.


For more information with regard to responsibilities and expectations, please refer to our Homework Policy.