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Sport Premium Funding

In utilising our Sport Premium Funding, and in line with our School Development Plan, we continue in our aim  to adopt a whole school approach in further developing activities and opportunities for our children at Christ Church CE Academy.  

We know that physical activity is necessary to a child's well-being with regard to their emotional and physical development. Here at Christ Church CE Academy, our aim is to ensure our PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities promote effective physical and mental health, personal development through healthy social interaction and improved academic performance for the well-being of our pupils and their families.  We want our children to become resilient and give them the tools and techniques to manage their physical, emotional and mental health by:

Educating our children, through health and lifestyle programmes, that will provide increased knowledge of what a good diet looks like and why it is important for long term health. They will learn the fundamentals for a healthful lifestyle; the building blocks upon which they can develop into healthy knowledgeable adults. 

Equipping our children with the skills to help them to develop good mental health and well-being through age appropriate mindfulness, incorporating pilates, yoga and meditation.

Focusing on dynamic and fun activities that cater to our children's needs in relation to their age and interests, aiming to increase the level and duration of physical activity that they undertake on a weekly basis.

Engaging parents in physical activity fostering support for a 'family fitness' approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Continuing to raise the profile of PE across school and increase levels of participation in events and competitions.

Further developing the skills and expertise of our teaching staff, working alongside qualified coaches in a wide range of activities incorporating physical and mental health and well-being.



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