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We are committed to enabling our children to be able to write with purpose, organisation and awareness of the reader. We want them to notice strategies and techniques writers use and be able to transfer this to their own writing while exposing them to a wide range of text types and genres.

We want our children to develop imagination and inventiveness in writing and build up suitable vocabulary to articulate their ideas to paper and to independently self-correct their work.

In addition to daily handwriting practice, children at Christ Church build up to a new published piece of writing every two weeks using the 3Cs approach. The 3Cs stand for Collect, Connect (week 1) and Create (week 2).



Within this first stage, children are exposed to a high-quality model text to show the expectations of the end product.

Children explore the key features of the text and discussions are had around purpose.

We begin to collect and generate vocabulary from the text and from peers to ‘magpie’.



The purpose of this stage of learning is to support the structure and composition of the children’s writing and organise and develop ideas. It is at this stage that GASP skills are explicitly taught in order to match the audience, purpose and form.

Children are exposed to shared, supported, guided and collaborative writing to develop individual sections of text.



During this stage, we box up the text and begin planning our final writing piece, drawing on skills and learning from the previous week.

Children draft and edit their writing before creating their final, published piece for display.


Working Walls and Washing Lines


These are developed over the unit of work. They include:

  • Audience, purpose and form
  • Model text
  • Key vocabulary
  • Children’s ideas
  • Skills with examples
  • Edited work


Published Work

The published work of every child is displayed on our corridors. Children take real pride in their published works and new pieces are added over the top of previous pieces so that progress can be seen overtime.