Phonics is planned and delivered following the guidelines set out in ‘Letters And Sounds’, using Pearson’s Active Learn Phonics Bug (interactive resource and decodable books) as a further teaching resource with additional, supporting resources, including Phonics Play.

It is taught across Early Years Foundation Stage, Year One and Year Two, in flexible phase groups by the class-teacher, supported by phonics trained teaching support staff.
Where children continue to need Phonic support in KS2, 1:1 intervention support is available through our Language Support worker, using a range of teaching techniques, including the 1:1 Ruth Miskin Intervention programme. Trained Miskin teaching assistants can also provide this in class.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Daily structured group sessions are based initially on Phase One Letter and Sounds, before learning the letter sounds, leading to building simple CVC words and then simple sentences. Phonics is reinforced during continuous provision within the children’s free choice play-based activities e.g book corner, role play area, story mountain etc. 


In Year 1, phonics phases continue to be taught as a whole class by the class teacher in preparation for the statutory Phonics Screening Check in June. In Year 2, the children work daily on Phase 5/6 before moving onto more spelling, grammar and punctuation based activities. Children requiring further support for the Phonics Screening resit will receive extra intervention.