Maths is a crucial life skill and fundamental to understanding our world. Competency in calculations, is all empowering for the pupil, an essential for everyday life and a necessity in the world of work. Maths is a powerful tool that will enable pupils to problem solve, make decisions and look for solutions. Maths is all around us and is the key to our pupils’ future successes.

Our Maths Curriculum Intent

To enable our children to:

• develop an enjoyment of maths
• see the relevance of maths and the connections with the world around us
• have confidence in their own ability to problem solve and calculate
• have the skills to make comparisons, identify differences and similarities, investigate relationships and establish connections
• have secure knowledge of number facts, including when and how to use them
• organise their work into meaningful calculations and solutions
• develop the ability to self-correct by asking ‘Is that a sensible answer?’
• explain aloud how to solve a problem and why that method was chosen
• have a wide mathematical vocabulary that they can draw on and use accurately and appropriately
• approach new resources, concepts and procedures with enthusiasm and a readiness to learn
• use skills and knowledge learnt in maths in new situations and across all subjects in the curriculum

Click to view our Calculation Policy at Christ Church CE Academy

Click to view our Maths Policy at Christ Church CE Academy