Letters Home

Please find below all communication to parents and carers. 


Visitors to school following latest guidance (9th December 2021)

Changes to our Child Protection and Safeguarding/Behaviour Policies

FAQs Isolation Guidance from Kirklees

Flu Vaccination Autumn 2021

September Update (23rd September 2021)

Invitation to Christ Church Community Afternoon:  Thursday 7th October 2021

Testing and Contact Tracing from September.  Letter from CEO (1st September 2021)

Arrangements for September 2021 (15th July 2021)

LFD and PCR Testing (29th June 2021)

Delta Variant,COVID symptoms and home testing kits (17th June 2021)

End of Year Events in light of Government Announcement (17th June 2021)

Class Teacher arrangements 2021/22 and Transition July 2021 (8th June 2021)

Social Media Misuse (28th May 2021)

Amended Academic Calendar 2021-22 (25th May 2021)

Confirmed COVID-19 case (24th May 2021)

Year 2 and Year 5 letter to parents: confirmed COVID-19 case (24th May 2021)

School Update (20th May 2021)

ParentPay (26th March 2021)

Test and Trace: Easter Holidays (15th March 2021)

Welcome Back and Procedure Reminders (15th March 2021)

Letter from Mel Meggs (Strategic Director for Children's Services Kirklees (5th March 2021)

Letter to parents: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-Test 5th March 2021

Full opening: Monday 8th March 2021 (23rd February 2021)

Letter to parents: February Half Term (1st February 2021)

Remote Education Disclaimer and Expectations (28th January 2021)

Letter from the CEO regarding the testing of staff in school (21st January 2021)

Letter to Key Stakeholders regarding the RSE Policy (20th January 2021) along with Policy Document

Letter to Critical Workers from Executive Head Teacher (11th January 2021)

Letter to Critical Workers from Kirklees' Director of Children's Services (11th January 2021)

Nursery Class (8th January 2021)

Letter from our CEO regarding School Closure (5th January 2021)

Confirmed COVID-19 case (13th December 2020)

Year 6 letter to parents:  confirmed COVID-19 case (13th December 2020)

School Closure: Friday 18th December 2020

Confirmed COVID-19 case in school (4th December 2020)

Year 1 letter to parents: confirmed COVID-19 case (4th December 2020)

Update: Tier 3 Local Restrictions from Wednesday 2nd December

Urgent Reminders: 10th November 2020

Changes to Child Care in school: New National Restrictions

New National Restrictions: 5th November 2020

Update: proposed Government lockdown Thursday 5th November 2020

Health and Safety Executive Inspection: Thursday 15th October 2020

Changes to the school day from Monday 5th October (23rd September 2020)

Application Form and Agreement: older siblings to pick up from school (10th September 2020)

Important Information (10th September 2020)

URGENT Notice (8th September 2020)

Full opening of school: September 2020 (20th July 2020)

Summer Closure (20 July 2020)

Wider opening: drop off and pick up (11 June 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions: wider opening (1st June 2020)

Keyworker information: wider opening (21st May 2020)

Plan for 1st June partial re-opening (15th May 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:  School Closure and Critical Workers (22nd March 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Key and Critical Workers (20th March 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: School Closure (19th March 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Procedures in School (17th March 2020)

Internet and e-mail contacts during school closure (16th March 2020)

Coronavirus Update (13th March 2020)

Lockdown Practise: Friday 20th March 2020 (9th March 2020)

Overview of Emergency Procedures

Barnardo's LGBTQ+ Training and Education (14th February 2020)

Barnardo's Equality Ambassadors' Training (14th February 2020)

Barnardo's Training and Support Programme (14th February 2020)