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Collective Worship

Here at Christ Church CE Academy, we value our time together through Collective Worship. 

Whole school collective worship, Christ Church Community collective worship and Church Sundays (school led worship in Church) brings together staff, their families, our pupils and their parents and carers, the Church community and local community. 


We do this:

  • to provide an opportunity for children to worship God;
  • to enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues;
  • to enable children to explore their own beliefs;
  • to encourage participation and response;
  • to develop in children a sense of community spirit;
  • to promote a common ethos, with shared values, and to reinforce positive attitudes;
  • to teach children how to worship and
  • to bring together all members of the school and church community.  

It is a time where we come together to share our love of God and celebrate our achievements (and sometimes failures) together.  The worship of the school is based on promoting the Christian values which permeate the ethos of the school.

Each week children work towards a ‘whole school target’ linked to the collective worship theme.  Our Worship Leaders prepare the hall for collective worship and choose music and hymns to reflect the collective worship theme.


Collective Worship Themes (2023-2024)

Click below to see quotes from the bible, linked to our themes, that we will be exploring through our collective worship themes throughout this term.