Outside Agencies

Here at Christ Church Academy, we utilise the skills of outside agencies to enhance our curriculum within the school day. 

The following outside agencies are used on an annual or bi-annual basis (unless otherwise stated) to further support pupil welfare:

NSPCC – ‘Speak and out Stay Safe’ Assemblies (focusing on CSE and predation) for KS1 and KS2 and follow up workshops for Years 5 and 6 – two year rolling programme

Learn To Ride/Bikeability: Year 5/6

School Nurse Services: Relationships, growing up and puberty for Y5 and Year 6

British Red Cross: Stigmatising behaviour experienced by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

1. Explore assumptions about terms such as 'refugee', 'migrant' and 'asylum seeker'.
2. Understand why someone might have to flee their home.
3. Analyse the harmful effects of unwelcoming, hostile or discriminating behaviour.
4. Consider how individual actions can help someone feel more welcome.

Police: Workshops on ‘Race and Hate Crime’,  ‘Homophobia’, ‘Anti-social behaviour and hoax calls’, ‘British Values’, Cyber safety, Road Safety

Barnardo’s: whole school anti-homophobic, biphobic and bullying programme (2019-20)

Family Thrive – parental certification delivered by our trained practitioners

Conscious Youth – Funding obtained in 2019 for our Year 6 pupils exploring building resilience relating to gang culture, knife and gun crime.

Peguin Acting – funding obtained in 2019 for our Year 5 and 6 pupils. Performance about gang prevention.

Conflict Resolution – funding obtained in 2018/19 Workshops for Years 4, 5 and 6. The project supported young people in a number of ways; how to resolve conflicts, how to avoid conflicts, how to avoid gangs (with a strong anti-gang message), social media awareness, cyber bullying, social skills, people skills, cultural diversity awareness, respect issues, attitude issues, education and community cohesion.