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CCA Food Store/FareShare

We continue to work alongside Fare Share Yorkshire to enable us to operate a school community food store to support our families, where we can distribute fresh, ambient and chilled food. This was particularly vital to our school and its community.

As over 270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible surplus food is thrown away each year, we want to support Fare Share’s vision in seeing that food is put to good use by helping to redistribute quality, in date surplus food, which would otherwise have go to waste. Thus turning an environmental problem into a social solution.

School funds the cost to access Fare Share’s provision for a weekly delivery. The contribution fees cover about half of the charity’s fuel, warehousing, staffing and volunteering costs and they then fundraise the final part.

We also offer a Clothing Store, including donated school uniform, shoes and other clothing items.

Please remember FareShare is for ALL the parents of our children and is available without judgement or conditions.


Click here to visit Fare Share's website to find a selection of delicious, cost effective recipes using surplus food, some basic ingredients, and requiring minimal fuss.



FareShare is weekly on a Tuesday. Please come to the main entrance between 12:30pm-1:30pm. Mrs Connor and Mr Caldecott will be there to help.


Some quotes from our families:

"It is a godsend. We turn the items into full meals for the family. I don't know what we'd do without it now."

"It really helps. We eat food we wouldn't normally eat. I've found I can make full meals, even with puddings, for the family."

"It's amazing and it has really helped us, especially during lockdown, when the children are eating all day. It's meant we haven't gone hungry."

"It is fantastic. It means that I can feed all my family. I have a lot of people to feed at home and I know that I will be able to get a bag of rice or pasta and it will feed us all."

"It takes away some of the worry about feeding your family when money is short."