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How does the school support transition for pupils with SEND?


Support for children with SEND starting at our school

As Christ Church CE Academy has nursery provision, we already know the majority of our new starters well. Where a child has attended another setting, EYFS teachers will liaise with the staff there to ensure that they are fully aware of the child’s abilities, interests and needs. We have a series of transition visits for new starters and parents so that there are opportunities to become familiar with the setting and to meet and talk to staff. For children with SEND, the SENDCO will meet with parents, the previous setting and external professionals to discuss the support required for the child and further visits can be arranged to help with support the transition to a new school.

Support for transition to a new class

When the children are reaching a transition point between two classes, we have transition days so that they can become familiar with the new setting and any different routines.

For children who may find change challenging, additional visits may be organised and time provided to allow the child to get to spend time with new adults who they will be working with in their new class.

Support for transition to a new school

Children with SEND are given an extensive level of support before they move to their new school. We work closely with parents and their school of choice to make transition as smooth as possible. As well as having visits from the SEND co-ordinator at the new school, there are opportunities for extra transition visit. The new school will be invited to attend SEND review meetings in the summer and all relevant paperwork is passed on.

If you have any concerns regarding transition or would like to discuss transition plans in more detail, please contact the SENDCO.