Christ Church Academy’s Friends, Family and Fundraising (CCAFFF)

In November 2014 we launched our very own CCAFFF:

Corrina Bedford (Secretary)

Kim Crosfield (Treasurer)

Jodie Webb

Natalie Payne

Fara Faruk

Paul Wilkins

Pansy Bent

Anne Lister

Lada Rotshtein

The team of friends, family and fundraisers worked tirelessly leading up to the Christmas Fayre and raised a fantastic £546.50 for school funds which is the most we have ever raised! Previously organised and run by staff, we appreciate the hard work that goes into hosting such an event and therefore offer the team our congratulations on raising such an outstanding amount of money and a HUGE thank you for all their hard work and support.

The CCAFFF have more fund raising initiatives planned (including Bags2School) and have some wonderful ideas for future events. Please keep an eye out for their newsletters/letters and notices providing further details.

I ask that you support the CCAFFF in the work they do as all proceeds will be used to enhance your children’s learning opportunities and offer new experiences both inside and outside of school.