Year 6

French is here!  Just read the message from Bex below and follow the instructions...


Bonjour tout le monde!


Our online French lessons start today (Tuesday 31st March)


The free app. we are using is called Zoom. If you are using a phone or tablet to access the lesson, you’ll have to download the app. for free beforehand.  Make sure you ask your parents first.


You need to log on 5 minutes before you year group’s class is due to start, so that we’re all ready to go at the right time.


If you can, before the lesson, find a piece of paper, a dark felt tip or pen and something sensible you could use as an instrument (pan and spoon, salt shaker, pasta/rice in a plastic container or an instrument if you have one – although not sure a trombone would work!) worksheets will be emailed over weekly and shared.


Your website link and password will not change, so you can use the same one until we are back in school.


Year 5 and 6

Lesson Start Time: 10.30am

Must be online for: 10.25am


Password: Has been emailed/texted to  your parents/carers





Lingotot Wakefield



Every child should now have their home learning pack.


In Year 6 we would expect pupils to access their own learning online using the online learning resources identified by their teachers and to behave in a responsible manner during these sessions.


Further tasks may be shared on the class blog. Parents can read and share these with their children or as they are more independent they can access them themselves.  There is also the facility on this for pupils to make comments, ask questions or post work.  Alternatively, parents can send work back to teachers (where applicable) via their school email address. 


Other apps such as ‘Active Learn’, ‘Prodigy’ and ‘Kids Classroom Secrets’ can also be used to support learning.


Although Year 6 SATs will not be taking place, additional materials had already been purchased.  These will still prove beneficial and have been included in their packs to support home learning 


The class blog can be accessed by clicking here.  


If you wish to contact Mrs Dakin: