Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Dakin
Class Teacher

Miss Goddard

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our CPR training
On the 15th of January a paramedic came in to our school to show us what to do in a medical situation and how to stay safe while using the equipment. Paramedics in training gave us CPR dummies to practice on and that is exactly what we did we had to put a flat hand on the dummies chest and lock our other hand in-between our fingers the press has hard as we could on the dummies chest.
Non-Uniform day
On Friday 8th of January we had a non-uniform day to raise money for the flooding of schools in Calderdale. We had to bring in a pound to wear our normal day to day clothes. Nearly the whole school came in Non-uniform and we all had brung a pound into school.
At the beginning of the new week we got informed of how much money we had raised. Believe it or not we had raised £262 towards Calderdale schools! We are all glad that the children will now be re-united at their own schools with all their teachers, friends and relatives. Hopefully that will happen soon, as the schools are being fixed and that the floods will not reach the schools again. So they will not ever harm children or anyone else so they have to be separated.
Our Science Trip to NHTS
On Tuesday we went to NHTS to do some flame testing. To get there we had to travel by coach, all the seat belts were so stiff. When we finally got there we had to go up all these stairs everyone was so exited. First we had to put on some safety goggles we all looked so silly because they were all too big, after that we had to go over to these big desks were there were some Bunsen burners on top. Then we had to set fire to a splint and then set fire to our Bunsen burner. We had to put 7 different powders on to our splint’s there was Sodium that turned orange , Potassium that turned red , lithium which turned orange, calcium which turned orange , copper that turned green, lead that turned pink and strontium which turned red. After that we had to turn our fire on to safe flame where you could see the fire, then we sat at our desks and we had to fill out a sheet and write which powders made which colours in the fire. After that we had to take our goggles of and put them back in the box with the rest. Then we had to go back to our school on a coach.     


This year I’m the Governor linked to Year 5 and I wanted to see the class in action, learning and being developed, so Miss Dakin invited me to join the class for a visit to North Huddersfield Trust school in January.  The class conducted an exciting science experiment which would typically be part of a GCSE evaluation!  I was pleased to see how well they performed flame tests and generated clear results – some of which produced bright red or green flames.  Hopefully they can remember the chemicals and scientific observations.  The lesson appeared to have a positive impact on their view of science and the visit should also help with their eventual transition to high school.  As well as making me feel welcome, they represented our school very well during the visit. 
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