Sport Premium spending 2016 2017.

Below is a chart to show the amount of Sport Premium we receive at CCA and how we spent it this academic year, 2016-2017.  

We have used a large chunk to employ staff from the Pennine Sports Partnership (PSP) to work alongside our teaching staff and TA's to allow them to learn good PE teaching skills.  This will go on during the Autumn 1, Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer 1 half terms.  

We expect the children to make progress in PE over the academic year and this will be tracked by assessing them at the end of each half term.  This will also show a positive impact of our spending of the Sports Premium money.

Our membership of the partnership also allows us to use their resources. For example attendance at meetings with other PE staff to share ideas, PSP staff come to school to assess children for Gifted and Talented sessions that they run after school, PSP staff to come in to school to run INSET sessions (we have one in the diary for a twilight on 3.2.16, 'How to teach and outstanding PE lesson'). We also attend inter school competitions that they organise, (see newsletter on the Physical Education page).

Sports Premium spending 2014 2015

Sports Premium spending 2013 2014